Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NEW projects

Thank you ALL for making this year's Marin Open Studio a GREAT success!! GRReat turn-out. SOooo NOW, onto my next project...A 12 foot 3D head and flying farmhouse for Marin Country Day School's 8th grade annual play written AND directed by the notoriously creative Matt Silverman of AboutFace. Wish me luck in the unknown!! I've never worked with a MIG welder at this scale. After one day into it,with the energy of Earl and Elizabeth, I can't express my feelings of accomplishment, gratitude and excitement. Here's the sketch idea for the head. The play is a spin on OZ and Wicked and opens in 2 weeks. D


  1. Yeah, it was great to see you, Sandy, and all of the beautiful Open Studio artwork!!!

    ...And the set building is lookin' good too.

  2. Great to see you too, Doug, and I love my new Andelin painting!