Monday, October 26, 2009

The Coveted Green Squirrel!!

I've done lots of trophies in my day. Probably 'cause I had a hell of a time ever winning one!? Just make your own! First as "art". great concept. Now for dough. "The Coveted green squirrel" was both.
I thought and thought. Trying to come up with a good visual. Something classy BUT sophisticated and, above all, something someone would WANT to win. I found it. Of all places on a golf course...A tragic little plastic discarded friend of old. I cut off his arms- gently resculpted them holding a golf ball and added a Scottish cap with Pom-Pom. SPECIAL Thanks to the experts at Douglass And for not screaming at me to end my constant detailed questioning about molds, Rebound25, fiberglas and guilding!! Yes guilding. The best advice on that, believe it or not was on!!!! Here's some pics ,D.

Show UPdates: Atrium Gallery- 1350 South Eliseo, Greenbrae

More. I'm trying to like this. Takes time but as you may have noticed, I am developing a "followship". Thanks! Anyway, I'm a bit behind so here some catch-up news from Doug. Been working really hard to keep busy, take anything and have fun. TWO shows this month. One is a series of paintings based on my ever recurring themes of water and wood...Even though the show is called "Land & Sea". Approx. 25 paintings are available for your viewing pleasure at The Institute for Health and Healing Atrium Gallery, 1350 South Eliseo, Greenbrae, CA. The gallery and committee is a tightly run ship of really nice people who help others...In a BIG way. The institute is part of Marin General Hospital. Check it out- Oct12- jan 8, 2010. Here's some recents from the show...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Follow up on last entry

to my many followers,
Sorry that I haven't posted in so long. LOTS has been going on. Last time, way back. I was working on the set for Marin Country Day Schools annual play- An adaptation/mixture of the plays The Wiz, The Wizard Of OZ, and Wicked directed by Matt Silverman of
You saw the concept sketch? well, Here are some shots of the finish. Special thanks to Earl, Elizabeth and AL the amazing kids at Marin Country Day School.
More to come, D.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NEW projects

Thank you ALL for making this year's Marin Open Studio a GREAT success!! GRReat turn-out. SOooo NOW, onto my next project...A 12 foot 3D head and flying farmhouse for Marin Country Day School's 8th grade annual play written AND directed by the notoriously creative Matt Silverman of AboutFace. Wish me luck in the unknown!! I've never worked with a MIG welder at this scale. After one day into it,with the energy of Earl and Elizabeth, I can't express my feelings of accomplishment, gratitude and excitement. Here's the sketch idea for the head. The play is a spin on OZ and Wicked and opens in 2 weeks. D

Monday, February 23, 2009

my first post.

My name is Douglas Andelin and this my first post....