Monday, October 26, 2009

The Coveted Green Squirrel!!

I've done lots of trophies in my day. Probably 'cause I had a hell of a time ever winning one!? Just make your own! First as "art". great concept. Now for dough. "The Coveted green squirrel" was both.
I thought and thought. Trying to come up with a good visual. Something classy BUT sophisticated and, above all, something someone would WANT to win. I found it. Of all places on a golf course...A tragic little plastic discarded friend of old. I cut off his arms- gently resculpted them holding a golf ball and added a Scottish cap with Pom-Pom. SPECIAL Thanks to the experts at Douglass And for not screaming at me to end my constant detailed questioning about molds, Rebound25, fiberglas and guilding!! Yes guilding. The best advice on that, believe it or not was on!!!! Here's some pics ,D.

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