Monday, October 26, 2009

Show UPdates: Atrium Gallery- 1350 South Eliseo, Greenbrae

More. I'm trying to like this. Takes time but as you may have noticed, I am developing a "followship". Thanks! Anyway, I'm a bit behind so here some catch-up news from Doug. Been working really hard to keep busy, take anything and have fun. TWO shows this month. One is a series of paintings based on my ever recurring themes of water and wood...Even though the show is called "Land & Sea". Approx. 25 paintings are available for your viewing pleasure at The Institute for Health and Healing Atrium Gallery, 1350 South Eliseo, Greenbrae, CA. The gallery and committee is a tightly run ship of really nice people who help others...In a BIG way. The institute is part of Marin General Hospital. Check it out- Oct12- jan 8, 2010. Here's some recents from the show...

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